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Journal Prompt

Prefer to have the journal prompts in a pdf? Download: Tapintu Journal Prompts

Not sure what to write about? Use the button below to randomly select a writing prompt from a list of over 30 possibilities.



(A sound will signal the beginning and the end of the time.
You can also use the timer for pre-journaling meditation/reflection.)

Start by spending a couple of minutes just sitting. Just sit, breathe, and notice whatever you notice. You can then hit the button to generate a writing prompt, and spend at least 5 minutes writing (you can use the timer)... even if you run out of things to write, just keep writing, anything. Your journal is a grammar police free zone - so just let it flow as it comes.

I tend to prefer journaling by hand in a physical journal rather than typing... for me, it just seems to flow a little easier. However, if you don't have a journal, or an app you wouold use for this, you can use the form below to type your entry and have it emailed to you.

Type your journal entry here, it will be emailed to you. It will not be saved on this site or emailed to anyone else.
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