Self-Compassion Guided Meditation


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One of the things that’s difficult for many of us is self-compassion — among the various inner voices we carry around, for many the “inner critic” is the loudest.

Do you ever find yourself criticizing your choices? Your actions? Your thoughts? Or even your feelings?

You’re not alone. Among the various inner voices we carry around, for many the inner critic seems to be the loudest, most frequent contributor to the stream of thoughts of which we’re aware in any given moment. For some, the focus tends to be on the past — “Why the heck did I do that? Oh, that was so stupid. I can’t believe I did/didn’t/couldn’t/etc…”. For others, it’s worry about the future — “Oh I just know this isn’t going to go well. What if I can’t… What if I don’t… What if I do…”. It can be pretty tiring!

So I’ve recorded this guided meditation to give yourself a break from that ever nagging critic and experience a healthy dose of self-compassion… and perhaps you’ll even find this lessens your critic’s power over you.

When listening to guided meditations, it’s helpful if you feel comfortable with the speaker’s voice. With that in mind, here’s a short sample from one of my recordings so you can get a sense of whether you feel like my voice will work for you.

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The background music is used with permission from Leigh Spusta. The music is designed specifically to help guide you into a relaxed, open state of mind.


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