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Getting Clear, Getting Commitment


My client had decided to start a new business, providing high-end party and event planning. While she had been working on the idea for some time, she was struggling to determine how to make it a reality. She had several options for her next steps, and plenty of advice, but found herself dealing with procrastination and resistance.

We did a PD Insights session to explore her unconscious perceptions and attitudes towards a few of the paths she had been considering, as well as her overall vision for her new business.

Through our discussion of her results it was clear that while she had a very positive attitude towards her vision, she was not yet personally identified with it at a deeper level. She liked the idea of the business, but couldn’t quite see herself having achieved it. This lead to exploration of how she could work on further developing the vision, and placing herself in it.

It also became clear to her that part of the challenge she had seeing herself achieving the vision was due to feeling stuck where she was. She was unsure which of several paths to take. One option available to her was to spend some time interning with other event planners, and her PD Insights results clearly pointed to why she had been procrastinating on that path—an internship was not in alignment with how she saw herself. Thus, fully committing to that approach would remain unlikely. Another option was to work with a former event planner as a coach, and while she didn’t quite see herself as fully consistent with that approach, it was clearly in alignment with her overall vision, and she had a positive unconscious attitude towards the idea. Further discussion uncovered that what resistance she did have to working with an event-planning coach may have had more to do with specific individuals than the idea itself.

Ultimately, the session provided insight into why my client had been struggling with procrastination. We uncovered which of the options she had been considering was most in alignment with her natural tendency and her overall vision, thus leading her to be able to commit more fully to that path.