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Tapintu Insights

using the Projective Differential

Struggling with a tough decision?
Seeking clarity about how to move forward?
Is your team not performing to its potential?
Which image is somehow more like your situation?
In what ways is the image like your situation?

For a long time we have sensed, and now science has confirmed, that our brain held, and understood, massive amounts of information — more than our conscious awareness can comprehend.

Now that we know that it is there, the question becomes — “How do we tap into this goldmine, for the benefit of ourselves and others?”

The answer — using the Tapintu Insights tool, we can tap into this goldmine in a focused way. Analyzing the results of what we find, we enlighten ourselves in clear, unmistakable ways.

The Tapintu Insights Process utilizes the Projective Differential™ (PD) assessment technique to provide a unique way of tapping into the perceptions and attitudes that lie below the surface of conscious awareness. It helps you access hidden information and wisdom about the situations in which you currently find ourselves. The PD quiets the noisy, analyzing mind and taps into our deeper, intuitive knowledge to solve the problem.

When to use Tapintu Insights

  • decision-making
  • problem solving/solution generation
  • seeking clarity
  • brainstorming
  • team formation
  • team interventions

Tapintu Insights Use Cases

  • Tapintu Insights: Individuals

    Tapintu Insights for Individuals—also known as the TAP Your Right Brain exercise—is a proven way to help you tap into valuable information regarding your deeper instincts about a situation, or the options you are considering, leading to insights that would otherwise remain unknown. As a result, through this process I not only help you generate greater clarity, but also to experience stronger commitment to the decision you come to. In addition, the process often opens up additional options you hadn’t considered, or may even help you to reframe the whole situation.

  • Tapintu Insights: Teams & Partners

    The tools used in the Tapintu Insights process drive breakthroughs to help a group become a truly great and productive team:

    • Creates a safe environment in which to address team conflict
    • Uncovers and explores the hidden blocks to team productivity
    • Shines a light on the “elephants in the room” that inhibit open dialogue and trust
    • Evaluates team alignment
    • Defines opportunities for greater team coherence
    • Discovers the hidden genius of the team
    • Clarifies shared commitment
  • Tapintu Insights: Organizations

    Here the tools work across all levels of an organization to assesses a company’s culture and evaluate its change readiness:

    • Evaluates the degree of shared understanding of the company vision
    • Quantifies employee commitment and engagement
    • Identifies core attributes of current culture and ideal culture
    • Uncovers hidden employee attitudes that can hamper productivity
    • Assesses the degree of alignment between management and employees
    • Reveals pockets of potential resistance to change initiatives
  • Case Studies

    The Projective Differential is the foundation of the Tapintu Insights process.

    Read about some real life cases where the Projective Differential has been used to help individuals, teams, and companies.

Learn more about using the Tapintu Insights process in your growth journey.
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