Leadership & Team Development

Do you want to generate a more positive impact in the world?

Is your work profitable but not as fulfilling as you want it to be?

Are you lacking clarity in your leadership style or unsure of next steps?

Does your team lack cohesiveness or is it failing to live up to its potential?

As a leadership development and business coach, I am your consigliere: your advisor and trusted confidante. 

I work with you to access a deeper level of awareness and understanding that results in better decisions, increased productivity, and strengthened development and growth.

I help business leaders and organizations figure out what’s really going on and who they really want to be, and then I help them explore how to get there by developing greater clarity, harnessing inner resources, and moving forward.

Develop self-mastery through self-knowledge & self-awareness
Improve decision making
Break individuals & teams out of habitual thinking
Enhance deeper understanding of a problem
Uncover hidden attitudes & perceptions
Generate clarity for “Aha” solutions & strategies
Improve emotional & social intelligence

As part of the business and leadership development coaching process, I incorporate a variety of modalities that lie within my area of expertise. These are unique to each individual or organization and are based on your need. They may include:

  • Psychological Assessments-Based Self-Awareness – going deeper into personality, strengths & preferences
    (Including those only available to PhD-level psychology professionals.)
  • Tapintu Insights™ / Whole-Brain Decision-Making – a unique way of tapping into the perceptions and attitudes that lie below the surface of conscious awareness
  • Guided Visualization & Hypnosis – customized to specific challenges and goals such as self-confidence, procrastination, creativity
  • Meditation – relaxation, mindfulness, stress management
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – goal setting, situation reframing, mindset for positivity & clarity
  • Group Coaching and Masterminds – get the advantages of working with a group of other leaders on a similar journey

If you’re ready to become the leader you know you can be, or to transform your business into all it can be, fill out the form below to schedule your free consultation. Let’s connect and see how I can help support you in your journey to conscious business growth.

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