Uncovering a Deeper Truth


The client came to me with a dilemma—he had a difficult situation to address, and although he had identified some possible courses of action, he was having great difficulty committing to a direction.

His brother was a long-time drug addict, in and out of recovery. My client had always been there to help out when his brother needed it, providing both financial and moral/familial support. But my client had reached his limit – he knew something had to change, but he wasn’t sure what. His brother was back into the addiction, and asking again for help.

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Co-founder Gets Clear


My client was a co-founder of a small logistics firm. Although this was the work she loved, she had recently been finding herself feeling uneasy about the company and the direction they were going, but she was unsure why.

We did a PD Insights session focusing on her company as it was, her concept of an ‘ideal’ companyand her partners, along with exploring her self-perception and preferences.

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Getting Clear, Getting Commitment


My client had decided to start a new business, providing high-end party and event planning. While she had been working on the idea for some time, she was struggling to determine how to make it a reality. She had several options for her next steps, and plenty of advice, but found herself dealing with procrastination and resistance.

We did a PD Insights session to explore her unconscious perceptions and attitudes towards a few of the paths she had been considering, as well as her overall vision for her new business.

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