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A. Scott McCulloch, PhD MBA

  • Thought Partner

  • Personal Development Coach

  • Insight Facilitator

  • Strategic Advisor

  • Philosopher

A. Scott McCulloch, PhD MBA

Thought Partner · Coach · Insight Facilitator · Strategic Advisor · Philosopher

A. Scott McCulloch, PhD MBA

These are some of the ways I’ve been described by those who know me & have worked with me.

Regardless how a coaching engagement may begin, I will play whichever role is called for at different times over the course of our relationship.

My passion and my work is supporting my clients to figure out what’s really going on, discovering who they really want to be, and exploring how best to get there. Sometimes the work focuses on getting ‘unstuck’, other times it’s more about getting in touch with our own inherent wisdom—it’s always about developing greater clarity, harnessing inner resources, and then moving forward.

My own non-linear path, from undergraduate work in Philosophy, through several years in bank management and an MBA, to a doctorate in Psychology, is a testament to my enthusiasm for exploration and my willingness to embrace what actually works, not just what’s expected.

Using an incredibly powerful and unique assessment technique, the Projective Differential™ (PD)* as the foundation, I have developed Tapintu Insights™ – a process through which, together with my clients, we tap into deeper levels of awareness and understanding about a challenge, decision, or murky situation to develop greater clarity and insight. Along with this clarity often comes a renewed sense of peace, energy, and commitment to action.

In both my Coaching and Insight Facilitation work I also use other ‘projective’ techniques. These techniques and processes harness the power of the subconscious mind to help clients get at what’s below the surface, to generate new ideas for action, or to gain a deeper understanding of a situation so they can move forward.

In Transpersonal/Transformational Coaching work, and Leadership Development, the focus is on deepening self-awareness, enhancing resilience, and becoming more mindful and fully present. Together, all this work helps one move from reactivity to responsiveness, greatly enhancing performance and ultimately, happiness.


What’s in a name?

Everything I do with clients is in someway about tapping in to something deeper—our own inner wisdom, our unconscious perceptions and attitudes, our deeply resourceful and resilient selves.

Whether an individual, a team, or an organization, we all have resources of wisdom and understanding that frequently remain unknown, hidden in our unconscious mind—untapped. We all have within us the seeds of our own best selves. Through our work together, you will discover tools, techniques and processes to tap into these under-utilized resources.

Leadership Development Consultant ~ Trimergence, LLC

In addition to the work I do through Tapintu, I am also a Leadership Development Consultant with Trimergence.

Trimergence is a strategic advisory, leadership development firm working with clients that include Agilent Technologies, Workday, Genentech, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Ancestry, PayPal, Pixar, Singularity University, The Walt Disney Corporation, Facebook, VMWare, Intuit, eBay, Rackspace, Keysight Technologies, and startups in Silicon Valley.


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