Terms & Conditions

Important note on audio files

If you are purchasing audio files that include:

  • guided meditations
  • guided visualizations
  • self-hypnosis
  • relaxation

You acknowledge that the experience of listening to Guided Meditations, Guided Visualizations, and Self-Hypnosis recordings can sometimes give rise to difficult sensations or emotions, particularly if you have unresolved trauma or other psychological challenges. You commit to practicing appropriate self-care, including stopping a recording if the experience becomes too intense, and ensuring you have adequate support available should you need it.

You acknowledge that these types of recordings should never be listened to while driving a vehicle, operating machinery, or doing any activities that require your attention. You acknowledge that you will ONLY listen to these recordings while in a safe space during a time when your attention is not required in order to remain safe.

Returns & Refunds

Digital items can’t really be returned, can they? But it’s important that you’re happy, so I will offer refunds on purchases of digital items within 7 days of purchase (that should be long enough to determine if what you downloaded is what you hoped it would be).

Refunds on registration fees to events will be offered on the basis listed in the event description.

Refunds on coaching fees will be offered according to the Coaching Agreement

Intellectual Property & Copyright

All items sold through tapintu.com are the intellectual property of Tapintu, LLC. Unless otherwise noted in the product description, by purchasing digital products you are granted a non-transferable, non-expiring license for the personal use of the items purchased.